For over 100 years, Esselte has been developing functional, contemporary and effective office products. Originally a group of Swedish printers called SLT, the brand evolved into one of the most dynamic companies in Sweden. During the 1970s Esselte was expanding globally in many different business areas and became a household brand for consumers in many countries.

Afterwards Esselte focused on its core skill: Simplifying the lifes of office workers around the world. Whatever the future brings, office workers will always look to Esselte for dependable solutions that, put simply, help them get the job done. Esselte – From To Do… To Done.

Since the creation of the iconic Swedish Jopa binder in 1926, Esselte became one of Europe’s most trusted brands for lever arch files and many other organizational products. Many things have changed over the decades, but one thing will always stay the same: Esselte’s commitment to dependable quality with a great value.

With the introduction of the No. 1 Power lever arch file mechanism in 2010, Esselte - once again - set the bar for high-quality filing products in Europe: For a hassle free and long term usage with great colours at a one-of-a-kind quality.


Every Esselte product is designed with simplicity and functionality.

Attention to detail means that everything we make is thought through with the end user in mind. 

Today we distinguish ourselves through our contemporary ranges of functional and effective organizational solutions. Everything Esselte does is designed to simplify the life of our customers.


Swedish printers create the company SLT

The iconic Swedish Jopa binder

Collecta magazin files and transit lettertrays

Esselte Dataline for computer supplies and accessories

No. 1 Lever Arch File Mechanism

Vivida range

Speedbox range

Colour'Ice range


A fresh splash of Colour'Ice!

Get a fresh design on your desk now. Mix and match a broad range of products in four icy colours.  A fresh splash of Colour'Ice.


The vivid colour office series! 

Bring coloured harmony to your workplace. Choose between six contemporary VIVIDA colours and absolute ‘must-have’ products for your office in the same shade and with new elegant embossing.