January 2020

Terms of warranty for ESSELTE products from Leitz Acco Brands GmbH & Co KG

Warranty period as indicated in the list below

The following conditions, which describe the requirements and the extent of our warranty service, do not affect your legal rights, especially the seller’s warranty obligation caused by the sales contract with the end consumer.

 1. Warranty period and start of the warranty

The warranty starts with date of purchase and lasts for 2 / 3 or 5 years. As indicated on the packaging or website.

Benefits that we render due to this warranty do not effect an extension of the warranty time.

 2. Content and extent of the warranty

Product defects that are due to material or production faults will be eliminated by the choice of Leitz Acco Brands GmbH & Co KG through either repair or replacement delivery (if necessary against an equivalent product, having the same or comparable quality).

In case of a replacement delivery the belongings of the replaced product will be transferred to Leitz Acco Brands GmbH & Co KG.

 3. Conditions and use of the warranty

The warranty service will just be rendered by presenting the original invoice / purchase receipt or a copy of it.

It is a “bring in warranty” (customer bears the postage costs for the consignment).

For an optimum execution and to avoid extra costs it is mandatory to contact our customer service in advance by phone or in written form.


Product faults have to be complained immediately after detection and within the warranty time at the dealer, where the product has been purchased. Alternatively, demands out of this warranty can be made on Leitz Acco Brands GmbH & Co KG at the following contact details:


Leitz Acco Brands GmbH & Co KG

Customer Service

Siemensstraße 64

D- 70469 Stuttgart

Tel. +49 (0) 711/8103-0

Email: germanyinfo@acco.com

 1. Limitation of the warranty

The warranty is limited for lever arch files and ringbinders on the mechanics.

The warranty is not valid in case of faults, that are causually reduced to:

a)      Incorrect installation e.g.

  • inobservance of the valid safety regulations respectively the enclosed user manual
  • the incorrect assembly against the assembling instructions

b)      Improper use as well as incorrect operation or treatment of the product e.g.

  • not using Esselte staples or use of wrong kind of staples for staplers / stapling pliers
  • the punching of e.g. clips/foils etc. with the hole punches

c)      External influences e.g. transportation damages, which are not covered by us;

d)      Executed repairs or changes on a product, which have not been executed from Leitz Acco Brands GmbH & Co KG or an authorized customer service;

e)      Non-observance of the care and cleaning work according to manual, e.g. no or not enough oiling/greasing of the punching stamps of the hole punches.

2.  Products with Warranty

For details on the warranty period of your product, please check our website: www.esselte.com